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Social Security Claims

Social Security is a disability program provided by the Federal government. It pays benefits to those who are eligible who meet specific criteria, and is crucial to those who are no longer able to work. When you are filing for disability in Pennsylvania, the initial steps are similar to those in the rest of the nation, but the initial application is subjected to both a general overview by Social Security and by a state agency. The state offers an appeals process, vocational rehabilitation and supplemental payments in addition to those offered by the federal government, but receiving those benefits can be a complicated and arduous process. Having an experienced attorney help you through the process has many benefits. It can speed up the process and improve your chances of getting the compensation that you need. James P. Peters is an experienced disability attorney who provides legal counsel in Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County and Philadelphia County, as well as many other locations throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He can help from the initial application through the appeals process and will much improve your chances of winning.

The national approval rate of initial applications for social security disability is very low – only about 32% of initial claims are accepted, and this is often due to applications being filled out improperly. In Pennsylvania, once your application is reviewed for eligibility it is passed on to the Bureau of Disability Determination, which determines medical eligibility. James P. Peters has extensive experience helping applicants through this claims process. He can complete the application in a way that demonstrates that you are not able to perform any work. He will help you to gather proper medical evidence and will enlist the help of your physician in providing effective documentation. He can also expedite the process if your application is time sensitive.

In addition to ensuring that your paperwork and evidence are in order and that you meet all of your deadlines, having an experienced attorney working on your behalf is particularly important if your claim is denied and you need to move on to an appeal hearing. Though Pennsylvania has streamlined this process by eliminating the need to review paperwork, it requires that a hearing be held in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). The requirements for disability can be complex, and it is critical that you have legal counsel who is familiar with the rules of evidence and who knows what will be most effective in the eyes of the ALJ. James P. Peters has the knowledge and experience you need to get your social security claim approved.

Though the majority of Social Security claims are initially denied, you improve your chances of being approved dramatically by having a qualified, experienced disability attorney help you with the process and the appeal. James P. Peters is a compassionate attorney who truly cares about making sure that you get what you deserve. Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss your case.

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