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Case Summary: Medical Malpractice / Pharmacy Negligence

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A twenty year old young man suffering from bi-polar disorder, for the treatment of which his psychiatrist had initially prescribed the mood stabilizing medication Lithium. For no medically sound reason, the same psychiatrist changed the man’s medication to a different Lithium preparation. In addition, the pharmacy which had filled his Lithium medications for the past two years, failed to properly fill the prescription. Consequently, the young man was without his mood stabilizing medication for such a long period of time, that he became severely depressed. He attempted to commit suicide by placing a shotgun under his chin and pulled the trigger; he failed to kill himself, but succeeded in blowing off the front of his face, sustaining horrific facial injuries. We retained three expert witnesses: a psychiatrist who rendered the opinion that the treating physician and her employer were negligent; a forensic toxicologist who determined the precise adverse effect on the body of a bi-polar patient of an abrupt discontinuation of his Lithium medication; and a pharmacist who opined that the pharmacy was negligent for not properly following up with the patient’s treating psychiatrist. We were able to obtain a large settlement from the young man’s psychiatrist, his psychiatric clinic, and the pharmacy.

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