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Case Summary: Defective Products / Products Liability / Glass Bottle

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A thirty-five year old decorated military service man had purchased a twenty ounce glass bottle of name brand iced tea from a local convenience store. He shook the bottle and tapped the bottom of the bottle with the heal of his right hand to release the sediment which had settled at the bottom of the bottle. Suddenly, the bottom of the bottle exploded outward, sending razor sharp shards of glass into the man’s right wrist. The lacerations completely severed the man’s median nerve, leaving him with permanent right hand injuries. Mr. Peters retained the services of an engineering expert witness who correctly identified the cause of this freak accident, as the so-called “waterhammer effect.” The expert further opined that the waterhammer effect was a foreseeable occurrence, and that the glass bottle should not have exploded under the circumstances. Mr. Peters obtained a seven figure settlement from the manufacturer of the glass bottle and from the manufacturer of the iced tea.

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